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Even with the most stringent testing, care and diligence we put into every product issues can still occur.  In this case please contact us and we will get the following steps ready for you.

Register Case

First step to any return is to call or email us to start your warranty case.  Please have Order/Invoice Number and Serial # of the product providing proof of purchase.  We can be reached at returns@techwreckers.com or Toll-Free, Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST at 1(888)998-7118 

Sending Package

Our knowledgeable technical staff will confirm the defect while resolving any technical issues over phone/email.  In the case of a product defect our team will issue you a case# that must be clearly marked on the package when you return the product to:  Tech Wreckers Inc. Unit 3, 100 Sheldon Drive, Cambridge, Ontario, N1R 7S7

Commitment to Resolution

On receipt of the package our team will process the return within 48 hours validating the issue, repairing and /or replacing the product.  All claims will be processed for shipping within 48 hours of receipt from the client.  Overall warranty service time frame varies on geographic location and transit time.

Return Shipment

The product will be return in fresh, clean packaging by courier and tracking information provided to the client.  We take every care to make sure your experience with our products is a positive one.

Support & Warranty Details

  • Please ensure you backup all sensitive files and information frequently.  Tech Wreckers Inc. will not be responsible for any loss of information as a result of product performance and/or return process.
  • We provide 90 day warranty on all products from invoice date unless otherwise stated on the sales receipt.
  • Our warranty covers any hardware defect or deficiency the product may have.
  • Any physical damage occurring after the product has left our facility,software related issues, contracted malware and/or viruses are not covered under our warranty.
  • Any attempts to repair the product by an individual or other agency will void the warranty provided by Tech Wreckers Inc.
  • Questions or concerns please contact us at: returns@techwreckers.com, Toll-free 1-888-998-7118